Beware the Kitchen Floor!

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry to say we have some problems with our kitchen floor. The flooring is lifting from the concrete base, and the door won’t shut properly.

The builder who laid the floor has already taken a look, and remedial work is in hand. In the meantime, please watch your step, and don’t try to force the kitchen door shut.

We’ll update everyone as soon as we can.

Crudwell Village Hall needs your help!

As you may know, the Hall is run by a small team of volunteers, who look after the Hall for the benefit of everybody. Over the last few months, we’ve lost several of the team through retirement and ill health, and we need to replace them. Otherwise, the Hall is in danger of closing down altogether – which would be a shame for everyone in the Crudwell area.

You need to have enthusiasm and a bit of free time – we’re not looking for a huge commitment. Most people give two or three hours each month; some a bit less and others quite a lot more. We spend our time maintaining the building, looking after the finances, managing bookings, handling publicity and generally keeping things in order. Any help you can give is really welcome.

If you want to keep the Village Hall as a key part of the community, don’t be shy – Act Today!



Welcome to the new Crudwell Village Hall and Recreation Ground website.

If you head over to the availability page, you can see the times and dates on which the hall (or parts of the hall, or the field) are booked for different events, clubs and meetings – and therefore when it is currently free. Please do get in touch if you would like to request a booking!

Thank you very much,

The Village Hall team