Just to let all our users know that we’ve got some problems with the floor in the main hall at the moment. Part of it has started to bubble up, and we have to get someone in to fix it. We’ve tried a couple of companies, but both have missed their appointments. We’re doing all we can to get it sorted out, but in the meantime, if you know of a flooring specialist who would give us a quote, please contact us through the website or on Facebook.

Thanks for your patience!

We Need Your Help

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Crudwell Village Hall needs some help! We’re looking for more committee members to help us run the Village Hall. It takes a couple of evenings a month, plus occasional phone calls. If you can cope with that, and you like having this facility in the community, please reply to this post or email us on chair@cvhrg.org.uk. We’re very friendly, and we’d be really pleased to hear from you.

A Successful Saturday

On Saturday 11th March, we held the fabulous 25th Crudwell Bide Ride party. Everyone had a great time, and it had all the right ingredients – good company, great food, music, the dressing of the hall, the Wattbike and sharing of memories. Plus alcohol and a few speeches! It all came together on the night to create more memories.

Thanks to all those – too many to name individually – who gave up their time decorating the hall, providing the food and drink, creating the multimedia display, giving us great music, helping out in so many ways behind the scenes.

Only the small matter of arranging and running the 26th Bike Ride now! Remember the date: 24th-25th June 2017, and if you need to know more, or would like to volunteer, head over to the dedicated Bike Ride website

See you then!

Crudwell Bike Ride Celebration Event

Last year was the 25th time the Crudwell Bike Ride had taken place.

The Crudwell Village Hall Committee and the Bike Ride Committee decided to celebrate by throwing a party at the Village Hall on Saturday, 11th March 2017, starting at 7:00 pm. We’d love to see everyone there.

Tickets cost just £10 and includes a Glass of Prosecco, a Ploughman’s Supper and Live Music. There’s also a bar available.

You can get your tickets from Crudwell Post Office during opening hours, Bike Ride Committee Members or by calling 01666 575141.



Welcome to the new Crudwell Village Hall and Recreation Ground website.

If you head over to the availability page, you can see the times and dates on which the hall (or parts of the hall, or the field) are booked for different events, clubs and meetings – and therefore when it is currently free. Please do get in touch if you would like to request a booking!

Thank you very much,

The Village Hall team